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Sídlo firmy TC CONTACT, spol. s.r.o.
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From its establishment in 1992, the Company has focused on developing of relyable business relations with foreign clients. Thanks to its long-term experience in the area of production and trade, the Company management succeeded in the establishment of a new, wholly progressive Company which is at the forefront of engineering firms in Slovakia.
  • We guarantee quality
    Nowadays TC CONTACT disposes on the modern machines and excellent technological equipment. It has more than 50 employees in production, sales and economic department.
  • We will streamline your production
    The core of our activity aim to flexibility and effectivity of the production. We can help you to improve your production process and increase productivity thanks to innovative solutions.
  • We will handle your requirements individually
    We offer you complex and individual approach with problem solutions to satisfy your needs and requirements.
  • We will save you money
    With our interactivity, you save your time, money and increase your competitivness.

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Company establishment
Press working of plastic
First contacts with companies ERAPA, GALIKA, METEOR
Start cooperated machinery production of parts with cutting operation
Transformation to the Limited Company
Node production for reeling machine (METEOR), packiging machines (FROMM) and ultrasound welding machine (TELSONIC)
Contacts with the company ERAPA-CEKA
Common development of winding automats with 6 and 12 spindel (METEOR)
Profiling of the company – focus on construction, production and assembly of single-purpose machines, engineering activities
Bulding of the new production and business capacities
Development and production of laser marker
Expansion of machining of 3D surfaces Expansion of construction systems CAD and MECHANICAL DESKTOP
Implementation of metrological regulations of the company and building of the metrology for proof of measuring instruments
Take over the commercial representation of the company FROMM
Development and delivery of bank systems
Construction of packiging machines for banknotes, rotating horizontal wraping packiging machine ROB 4
Purchase of the system UNIGRAPHICS
Start of construction and development operations for chain transporters
Building up the measurement centre
Machinery holding completing, new machines purchase
Reconstruction, modernization and heat cladding of the building
Begin of partnership with company CEMAS regarding Plastics Joining.
Extension of our assembly offer including electro and pneumatic components.
Cooperation with new partner ER-WE-PA, Davis Standard - a global leader in the design, development and distribution of extrusion and converting technology.
TCCONTACT provides Service activities of Plastics Joining (tool production, mica Exchange, testing)
Involvement of the company in dual education, training of high school students.
Expansion of supplies to the pharmaceutical industry for Brückner


Certifikát na výrobu jednoúčelových strojných zariadení
certifikát na výrobu montážnych celkov a skupín

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Do you need a customized part, component or machine?
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